Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Staying creative... with 30 Days of Doodles!

What's the best way to stay creative? To do something creative EVERY DAY!

Here at 30 Days of Doodles, we encourage you to take the challenge to join us for a "Doodle a Day" for the entire month of June! Jump start your creativity, learn a few new skills, and JUST HAVE FUN!

So how will this work? Every day, starting on June 1st, we will post a new doodle prompt and examples from each of us! You can follow along, and post your doodles in the flickr group, on your blog, or just keep them to yourself! You don't have to do a doodle every day, but the more you doodle, the more your creative juices will flow!

Sound like fun? Awesome!

Join us starting on June 1st!


  1. Sounds like fun... I'm in :D

  2. So excited about this class can't wait till June 1st.!!


  3. sounds like so much fun! i'm definitely in. :D


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