Sunday, May 29, 2011

Introduce Yourself!

I'd love to know who is participating in this challenge with us! I'd love it if you left your name and blog address/flickr username so I can hop around and start to get to know you!

I'm so excited for June 1st! I hope you are too!!


  1. hey allie, here's my blog:

    i have no idea what my flickr address is. but if we're gonna have a group on the flickr site for us 2 share our pgs, i'll share mine. & make all kinds of comments on evrybody's stuff. all nice comments of course. :)

  2. hi Allie!

    I am Sue, my flickr name is Sunlite705. I have already added myself to the group on Flickr. I am excited for this class to begin!

    I live in Cajun Country (Louisiana), My passion is journaling since I took my first class March of last year from Viv (Quiet nites). It was the first time I looked inside my emotions and expressed them on paper and I have been hooked since!

    I love to art journal incorporating all kinds of embellishments and diff media.

    I have two daughters and 4 grandchildren! I have been married 30 yrs come this July 4th to my best friend and my rock.

    What size journal do you suggest for your class?


  3. Hi Allie!
    my blog is:
    my flickr:
    Can't wait, I'm excited for June 1st too!

  4. Hey! I am Vivi, my blog is
    and my flickr
    So happy you made a challenge like this!

  5. Super excited! Im a born doodler :). Im at brand new baby blog

    Oh my so so so fun!!


  6. Hey my name is Amber.

    My blog is:

    My flickr is:

    Can't wait to start doodling! :)

  7. Sunny Hi from Finland!

    I'm Jenni, 24-year-old designer from northern Finland. Here's my blog:

    This could be so much fun, can't wait! :D

  8. I'm Dreya (I know Allie).
    So I'm going to try and keep up with this. Summer is super busy and I don't know if I'll reach my computer everyday to see the prompt but I'll try. May stick results on my tumblr:

  9. I'm Han or Hannie - Technically it's short for Hannah. I'm from the UK and I am a doodler at heart but any more than that and I would say that I'm not an artist!

    I found this by accident after reading a RT on Twitter and finding Allie's own blog and then seeing a post about this - i took part in 30 Days of Lists and hope it's just as fun - I'm off to doodle my first prompt :)

    My blog is The Scribbles of GirltaristHan and my Flickr is GirltaristHan

  10. Hi! I took part in the 30 Days of Lists project a while ago and really loved having a small project to do each day. I'm excited for this different take on the idea!

    My blog: Chocolate and Cream Cake
    My Flickr: Mandy Curtis


  11. hi! i'm tiff, and i'm so excited to start this. :)
    my blog:
    my flickr: tiffanyanne3

  12. Hi! I am Courtney!
    My blog
    my flickr: courtneyrevels

    Just found this and I am going to use it with the 30 day journal challenge too (:

  13. Hi! I am Olivia.
    My blog-
    My flickr- livimac

    I was on the 30-day journal challenge flickr page when I saw this. I can't wait!!!

  14. My name is Kathy
    my blog:
    my flickr name: katmcdknits

    Found you on 30 day journal challenge. Super excited about this!!!!!

  15. Howdy! I love doodling and am excited to take part in this! My blog is, and while i don't have a flickr, i will be posting my doodles on twitter @marielmohns!


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