Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prompt 1: OUR take!

I'm so excited that June has started! 30 Days of Doodles has been so much fun already-- getting these prompts done ahead of time for you guys has been so AMAZING for my creativity!

So how will this work? Every day (like this morning) the prompt will be posted by 5am EST, so if you want to check this before work, etc, it will be available to you! Then in the afternoon/evening, we will show you OUR takes on the prompts, and maybe a few that have been added to the Flickr group! At the end of the week, we'll do a "review" of our favorites from the flickr group! Sound like fun? I thought so!

So here we go with our daily shares!


From Allie:

From Lex:
Prompt 1 (By Lex)

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  1. this is awesome! totally luv them both. i think i need to get busy. ;)


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