Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Days of Doodles: Prompt 30!

I cannot BELIEVE this is the last prompt! This month has FLOWN by! I hope you have been enjoying yourself and making your notebooks/sketchbooks nice and fat and full of CREATIVITY!

Now, just because this is the last prompt does NOT mean this blog is going to go dead after today. I still have a ton of "Our Takes" and "Your Takes" to share from the flickr group, and I know that not everyone is caught up (and some people have just started!) so I will be making a super easy directory with links to the prompts in order. So be looking out for that!

Until then, make sure you keep sharing in the flickr group and make sure you sign up for the newsletter (in the right sidebar!) and "Like" 30 Days of Doodles on Facebook!

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  1. i will doodle the items which are in my bag and i will post the pictures on my blog. My adress is:

    come and visit me, my doodle friend :) :)


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